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10/30/16 – The Holy Trinity of Questions

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From the series on How to be a Methodist Evangelist, based on the book Get Their Name by Bob Farr et al. This one suggests that we should be ready to answer Why God, why church and why our church? Pastor Michelle shares her answers as an example.

10/16/16 – Talk Amongst Yourselves

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How to Be a Methodist Evangelist Series -Methodists used to be the best at talking about how God was working in our lives. Every time we met, we were asked, “How is it with your soul?” which could also be understood as, “How did you see God this week?” We need to recover our Methodist practice.

10/9/16 – Walking the Walk

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From the series How to be a Methodist Evangelist, based on the book Get Their Name by Kay Kotan et al. This first sermon recognizes that Methodists have been getting by on the idea that we will just live as good people and then everyone will want to join our church. But what makes us any different than the Atheist who is living the same way?

Pop God – Walking on Cold Water

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In my effort to soundtrack the whole Bible, I propose the Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, M0 song as perfect for when Jesus walks on water and Peter tries to meet him.

10/2/16 – Coming Home: Home(less)

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In this last sermon in the series, we look at how to cope with culture shock through the use of the 5 vowels of coping. Then we discuss how ultimately we are on our way home in our new culture, but as followers of Jesus we are never really completely home until we stand in his presence.