Michelle Morris 005

Rev. Dr. Michelle J. Morris

Senior Pastor

The Rev. Dr. Michelle J. Morris did not grow up in the church; in fact, she was baptized at age 25 at a new church start that no longer exists.  But within 2 years of her baptism, she discerned a call to full time ministry. Her husband Travis, her at-the-time 2 year old son Soren, and she relocated to Dallas so that she could attend seminary at Perkins School of Theology at SMU. She completed her MDiv in 2009, but stayed at SMU to pursue a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, which she completed in 2014 after defending her dissertation on Infertility in the New Testament (her BA is in English and French, and she also has a Masters in Comparative Literature, both from the University of Arkansas – GO HOGS!). People ask her if she is going to be a seminary professor, but for now she feels strongly called to the local church, currently serving as the Pastor for Wesley and Cavanaugh United Methodist Churches. She does see her call as one in which she stands in both worlds (academia and the church), so she keeps academic ties by speaking at conferences and writing for projects, such as the upcoming CEB Women’s Study Bible. Though she is a latecomer to the church, she loves serving the people of God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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